The best training mechanism for IELTS, you have ever seen with proper international pronunciation package. Training in this regard is so effective that the students can be efficient in terms of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking amazingly in a couple of hours..

Interview training

In a matter of hours, the candidates are made to be fluent in such a way that they can face any national or international interviewers.

Different levels of training are arranged for any sort of national as well as international interviews. Even the minutest mistakes the candidate makes are captured and given study notes on. Corporate trainers who have immense experience working at the interview panel are delivering classes. Special attention is placed on pronunciation disorder and classes are delivered with International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).


Skills International is the real solution to all the communicative problems being faced by the Indian students. Our Communication mechanism is focused more on:

  • Neutral, professional American.
  • Training for Civil Service Aspirants / Doctors / Engineers / Journalists / Nurses / MBA Students / Foreign job Aspirants
  • International Business communication
  • International Call Center Training.
  • Corporate Training

Spoken English

We have taken a new approach to Communication. Students are given chances to learn through themselves. Different questions are asked to which they are made to give quick answers. Different roles are assigned to Students according to which, students are made to talk. The mistakes they make are corrected on the spot. Most importantly every single pronunciation mistake is noticed and given exact pronouncing practice with the help of international phonetics. Our Communication mechanism is comprised of the following aspects

  • Non Contextual Training & Contextual Training
  • Interactive Classes
  • Classes with Articulation, Pronunciation, Phonetics and Accent
  • Debate Training
  • Presentation skill development
  • Skit programs and Group Discussions
  • Global communication with Collocation

Classroom Features

  • Students are given the proper academic ambiance with A/C class rooms.Students are taught with the aid of advanced technological equipment..

    Interactive classes are promoted .Classes are keyed to the needs of students and individual attention is placed