A Few Words About Us

Skills International is really the exact place for those who are ambitious and for those who want to be excellent in terms of their study and career.

It also helps those who plan to get settled abroad or the foreign job aspirants. It is an extremely different experience and the solution to all the grammatical/communicative problems, being faced by the students / job aspirants.


An institution with the aim of total societal transformation, helping our country in its overall developmental process. Started on the 19th of October 2018, organised by Vinod C Menon and KR Ratheesh Babu, the institution focuses more on discovering the talents of the students lying dormant inside and improving those talents further, with the aid of proper global communicative mechanism and most effective training methodology


The basic problem our students face is the lack of proper guidance and the most of them go unaware of the real talents and some of them really face communicative problems, as a result of which, they miss the wonderful opportunities they have, inside and outside our country. This is where Skills International plays the major role helping them to the maximum possible extent.

What makes us Different

  • 1
    We are more focused on the skill development and most effective communicative and grammatical programs. We have placed our attention more on the proper pronunciation guidance as it is the serious problem faced by the Indian students.
  • 2
    Classes are delivered in neutral, professional American English. Our study materials and books are based on Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard universities.
  • 3
    Individual attention is given to the students with the digital classroom and Eco friendly environment.
  • 4
    Our communication mechanism is totally different as it contains Non Contextual training, Interactive classes, Classes with Articulation, Pronunciation, Phonetics, and Accent. It also includes Debate training, presentation skill development, Skit programs, Group Discussions and Global communication with collocation.
  • 5
    Study Abroad: When there are people who are engaged in this process purely with the aim of making enough cash, We value the dream of a student and help the student have it realized in 100% genuine way, ensuring the student’s benefit rather than focusing on our profit.
  • 6
    Job Placement: The Candidate is ensured with proper placement as fast as possible and with the lowest possible charge and the candidate is provided with whatever jobs they are looking for.