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Best Study Abroad Consultant in Kerala

Skills International is the best Study Abroad consultant in Palakkad, Kerala. It has been functioning successfully since 2012. Skills International is the Best Study Abroad Consultant famous for having tie ups with 250 universities from abroad. It is the Best Study Abroad Consultant if you plan to have your study from Canada, The UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore.  We do have a successful background of sending thousands of students abroad. We are extremely careful and efficient in terms of handling the process, giving personalized attention to every single student.

In today’s competitive world everybody is engaged in a rat race to be more successful. Many of you go abroad to pursue some course and to get settled but actually speaking your graduating is what stands out. It’s all about where you graduated from what grades you have got. This is where we can be of immense help to you. We are here to guide you with some of the greatest universities around the World to show you exactly what course you have to choose from, according to your taste at the most affordable rate. This is what makes you more successful because it is the time to work smart.

What makes us so special and effective is our very simple approach. What we need from you is so simple that it is only your Name, Contact Number and Resume with how much academic score you have got. The rest of the process is on our shoulders and you don’t have to get worried about it. We help our students reach their destinations abroad for further higher studies.

We provide honest and credible advice and assistance to Indian students who are seeking admission in World’s leading universities. With our expertise and rich experience in the industry, we can guide you all along the way and help you through the whole process. Our counsellors have rich experience in guiding students to choose the right course and the right universities abroad.

Process of Study Abroad at Skills International

Nowadays people live pretty busy lives, as a result of which they either do not get enough time or stay confused when it comes to the choices being made among us the academic destinations courses colleges and universities. This is where Skills International plays a dominant role. This is where you get your IELTS course properly done and the process of your study abroad is successfully undertaken.

Step1: How you are guided in terms of your Study Abroad

You are directed to our expert personal counsellors who are going to help you make proper choices in terms of the courses/universities you are looking for selecting the best option at most affordable rates. There are expert back office staffs members who can easily help you have your data internationally processed. We make sure that every student gets the right course at the right time.

Step 2- How we do it

A student faces difficulty in terms of the choice of the right course according to their financial capacity. This is where we can help you out mostly. We do have direct tie ups with different universities, the benefits of which is experienced by a every single student. This is how you can save your time and money. Our expert counsellors can easily analyse your calibre and short list some suitable universities evaluating your profile quickly. More over our consultation is Free of Cost. All of our counsellors do have immense experience in the field.

Step 3: How you are helped academically:

You are given the most valuable online classes for IELTS/OET by our professional instructors who do have more than 10 years of experience in the field. Our courses are designed in such a ways that within one month itself you can easily get the best band with the help of painstakingly arranged Mock Test every single day.

Step 4: Easy Documentation

Your documentation process is easily done through our expertise. You don’t have to struggle for that. Documentation is processed so fast you get the speedy result.

Step 5 : Interview Process

Your interview process in terms of study abroad is properly guided trough us. As we do have tie ups with many universities we can process with faster and you are given opportunity to have scholarships scheme if you are qualified enough.

Step 6: Visa guidance

The student is properly guided and prepared for visa interviews by our experienced counsellors. Mock visa Interviews are done and the doubts of the students are clarified. The process help you have your visa without any delay.